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Frequently Asked Questions

A:  The major advantage is price: You get a high quality web design at very competitive, budget-friendly rates. We design with maintenance in mind. While we offer convenient and affordable maintenance packages, we design your site so that you can save some money and easily manage your own updates. Second advantage is time frame: Depending on the size of your project, we can get you up and running in an little as a few days up to a couple of weeks!

A:  No, you aren’t required to purchase your domain and hosting plan with us. If your site is hosted elsewhere, we will either provide you with your site’s source code upon completion and payment in full, or you will provide us the necessary access information to get the site loaded to your hosting server.

A:  Yes, we offer affordable hourly rates as well for those one-off updates that need just a little bit of attention.

A:  Yes, we can pick up where anybody left off. Any work that we complete will fall under a new payment plan regardless of what you may have already paid for unfinished work.

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